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Nickerson celebrates Earth Day

Nickerson is Celebrating Earth Day Today (and Every Day After)!

April 20, 2018

Coming April 22, Earth Day is a time teachers bring awareness to ending plastic pollution and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Nickerson’s mission has always been to design, create and provide furniture that supports our surroundings rather than hurt it. That’s why we pride ourselves on supplying safe products to be used in student’s classrooms. Conscious…

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kindergarten way of the future

Kindergarten: Your Child’s Way of Growing

April 18, 2018

Although many people believed that only Nostradamus had the ability to peer forward in time and make accurate predictions of events that would unfold, we think he’s far from the only one with the gift of foresight — let us explain. The interpersonal connections and relationships that children form during their early years act as…

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Safety Tips for Pet Day in the Office

Safety Tips for Pet Day in the Office

April 11, 2018

There is nothing nicer than having the freedom to bring your favorite furry friend to work for the day. But whether it’s once a year or every Friday, safety is an important aspect of creating a pleasant experience for yourself, your pet, and everyone in the office. That’s why it’s important to: Keep Your Pet…

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why you should walk to work

Why You Should Walk to Work

April 4, 2018

Tired of honking horns, swerving drivers, and red lights on your way to work? Leave your car keys in the drawer and try walking to work! While it may seem intimidating at first, walking to work is a stress-free way to get where you need to be. Plus, it also: Benefits the Environment In the…

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How to Keep Your Classroom Clean

March 28, 2018

Education is not only about learning, but learning in an environment that is clean and comfortable for the students. This is especially important for when spring rolls around, and allergies are in the air. Some of these cleaning tips can help out the classroom a lot: Get Rid of Stuff Getting rid of the clutter…

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messy desk paperwork

How Organizing Your Home Office Can Increase Productivity

March 22, 2018

Working in a distracting, messy, or cluttered environment can negatively affect your work. It is essential that you maintain a well-organized home office at all times to ensure optimal productivity. Not only will you get a job done efficiently, but it will also give you a feeling of competence and control. This ultimately will lead…

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spring and kids

Bringing The First Day of Spring Into The Classroom

March 19, 2018

March 20 is the official day when the spring season begins. This is a time of year when the snow goes away, the days get longer, plant life starts to bloom, and school children start to get ready for summer vacation. Spring is a great season for doing projects and for teaching children about weather,…

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students practicing science

Celebrating Science Education Day in The Classroom

March 14, 2018

Science has always been a part of the basic subjects in the educational system. Its importance is vital to stimulate young minds to think outside of the box. When we think of science we think of numbers, the earth, the sky, and the human body. Nowadays science encompasses so much more, we need to motivate…

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young girl gardening

How to Celebrate Plant A Flower Day in The Classroom

March 12, 2018

Flowers are not only pretty to look at, they are also a wonderful teaching tool. From the initial seed to the first flower bud, planting a flower can really get kids interested in learning. So why not do it today? Not only is an affordable lesson plan that can provide education for weeks to come,…

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St. Patricks Day

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in the Classroom

March 12, 2018

Throw on a green t-shirt, grab your four-leaf clovers and get ready to search for the end of the rainbow, because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! Though the celebration originated in Ireland some 2,000 years ago, it has become a beloved and anticipated day here in the States as well. If you’re looking to bring…

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