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Choosing The Right Classroom Setup

December 27, 2018

Do you remember your classroom back in grade school? Did you ever consider that the setup of the classroom helped you to stay focused? Nickerson Corp believes that the classroom layout can have an impact on education. Presented below are a variety of different classroom layouts to choose from and why they might be a good investment.

Traditional Rows
This layout consists of desks evenly spaced out with the teacher standing in front. It is a default for most educators because of how easy it is to supervise your students. Rows also optimize the amount of room. One disadvantage is that it is difficult for group discussions as the students cannot see each other easily.

Center Aisle
This format splits the room in half through organized rows so that the students look toward their classmates. This layout is ideal for interactive classroom activities, discussions, and debates. Keep in mind that students may be more easily distracted as they are facing each other.

As the name suggests, seating is arranged in a large “U” shape. This makes discussions and interactions such as performances easier. In this format, some students feel uneasy as they are more visibly exposed.

Classrooms with a cluster layout consist of three or four desks being combined into groups around the room. Teachers who need to circulate the room and keep an eye on their students find this arrangement beneficial. Since students are seated closely, educators should consider the level of distraction that might occur.

It is important for teachers to consider how the setup of their classroom can affect the learning of the students. Education starts with a well-organized room. At Nickerson Corp, we strive to furnish every child’s learning with affordability and quality in mind. If you have any questions about which product would best suit your classroom, feel free to contact us.