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3 Ways to Show Your Office Staff Some Love

January 29, 2019

It’s no secret that a happy workplace is more productive. When your staff feels happy and appreciated, they will go the extra mile to give you their best work. If you want to help your employees and your company reach their fullest potential, do these three little things to show your office staff some love. You will certainly see an increase in productivity and loyalty with a decrease in absences and mistakes.

1. Say Hello. Regularly greeting your employees can go a long way in building a professional relationship with them. Saying hello to them when you see them and taking a genuine interest in their well-being builds trust and lets them know that someone at their workplace cares. Creating a comfortable work environment fosters open communication. Your employees will bring their questions to you for guidance on projects, increasing the success and productivity of the company.

2. Revamp the Office. Are your employees working from beat-up desks and ripped up chairs? When was the last time the furniture in your office was updated? Office furniture has come a long way to be more stylish and ergonomic for employees. If your employees aren’t able to adjust their chairs and desks to fit their size, they certainly can’t be comfortable at work. Neck, wrist, and eye strain don’t do any favors for your company. Surprising your employees with new furniture will show them you care and breathe some life into an outdated office space.

3. Praise Your Employees. People don’t stay very long at places they don’t feel appreciated. If you have noticed your best employees walking out the door, it’s time to start genuinely praising your employees for good work. Whether you praise them in front of others or in private, your compliment will mean so much to them and inspire them to keep doing great!

If you want to take your office space to the next level and show your employees some love with new office furniture, Nickerson Corp can provide you and your team with the comfort and style you need.