Nickerson Corporation: Supplying educational furniture and equipment throughout New York and New Jersey.

Nickerson has been supplying educational furniture and equipment for over 60 years serving the New York and New Jersey market.  Our logo:  “We Furnish a Child’s Education” states our mission that in order for a student to get the very best education they need reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom furniture to learn, play, and exercise on.

Classroom Furniture

The classroom has evolved from what was once a motionless physical space into an energetic learning environment.  Here at Nickerson we partner with some of the most innovative manufacturers in the classroom furniture industry to bring students comfortable furniture that also promotes a successful learning atmosphere.  Classrooms are constantly evolving as teachers find new and exciting ways to keep their students engaged.  Nickerson can provide an array of classroom furniture solutions varying in color and functionality to foster individual and/or collaborative work spaces.

School Lockers

School lockers need to be durable, functional and full of school spirit.  We offer a huge selection of lockers that can be transformed to hundreds of configurations in various materials including metal, wood, plastic and phenolic.  We also carry school lockers in a variety of colors that will be sure to show off your school and team spirit.  Our manufacturers have identified and solved locker issues that have been brought to their attention by clients over years of experience in the industry.  Open-Front sport lockers are ideal for high school and college sport teams.   Ventilated lockers are used for gym lockers which can be configured to fit any size or shape physical education locker room.  Corridor lockers are used as school lockers for students in hallways to hold book bags, books and all other student supplies.

Science Furniture

When purchasing science furniture you should be thinking about safety, functionality and resilience.  Science furniture can be custom built to meet any science classroom and/or laboratory need.  Nickerson and its manufacturers use the industry’s most durable materials that can stand up to rigorous lab environments.  We only partner with manufacturers with the highest of standards which is why you’ll find standard construction features included in our science furniture casework considered upgrades by other manufacturers in the marketplace.

Auditorium Seating

We teamed up with some of the world leaders in spectator seating to provide the best possible auditorium seating options to fit any venue and budget.  We are able to envelop spectators in fully upholstered comfort, absorbing audience noise while seating guests in style. Precision, elegance and luxury are the hallmarks of these auditorium seats, ideal for concert halls, places of worship or corporate environments.


Our bleachers are the most reliable, durable and comfortable on the market.  Whether your school gym needs a completely new bleacher installation or your bleachers need to be refurbished we have a product line and price that will fit your needs and budget.  These bleachers are easy to maintain and ready to take on the wear and tear of exuberant fans and harsh climate conditions.

And much, much more

Whether your needs are outfitting a school with state of the art classroom furniture, purchasing new or revamping school lockers, installing a technology driven lab with science furniture, furnishing a hall with  auditorium seating or bleachers Nickerson is here to help.  From initial complimentary design and layout services to budgeting, custom drawings, specifications preparation and project management our team will walk you through every step of the process answering questions and providing industry expertise along the way.

While reviewing our website please visit our Featured Projects section where we showcase a small sampling of recent completed jobs.  If you are looking for specific products from our core manufacturers go to the Products Page.  If you can’t find a product, have a specific need or have any questions, please call us, our team of professionals is ready to assist. 631-666-0200

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