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At Nickerson, we know that installing new grandstands and bleachers for outdoor arenas can be a challenging task. With more than 60 years of experience, schools and facilities throughout New York and New Jersey can trust us to choose the right manufacturers and products for their spectator seating projects. While safety is a top priority when installing new grandstands, we will also make sure that your fans will love coming to your outdoor arena for years to come! Already have outdoor bleachers and grandstands? We also offer complete on-site maintenance, repairs and enhancements to keep them safe and up to code.



Outdated and damaged bleachers put your facility at risk for potential accident liability. This is why all States and the National Fire Protection Association require inspections of bleachers on a yearly basis. Nickerson’s factory-trained team will thoroughly inspect all of your bleacher seats. You will receive a complete safety support and a detailed list of any required maintenance and/or repairs with an estimate for parts and labor.

Seating Maintentance

The best way to protect your bleacher and avoid potential accident liability is to prevent damage before it occurs, and make effective use of the recommendations immediately after an inspection. Nickerson’s factory-certified teams perform preventive maintenance to keep your seating systems code compliant, and functioning efficiently. A structured program of contract maintenance is the best way to avoid risk and protect your seating investment.

Seating Renovations & Enhancements

While outdoor bleachers may stay structurally sound for years, weather can tarnish the appearance making them look outdated and unappealing. Refinishing the frame and seats on your outdoor bleacher is a cost-effective alternative to total bleacher replacement. Perma-Cap and Perma-Plank are two alternatives to complete seat replacement. Perma-Cap is a vinyl cover that goes over your existing seats, while Perma-Plank is a replacement seating board.

Perma-Cap® Vinyl Bleach Covers

Great For Outdoor Bleachers, Pool Bleachers, And Indoor Bleachers!

Perma-Cap® covers protect your bleacher investment. You can easily and economically resurface your current seats if they are starting to splinter or rust. Installation and maintenance costs are approximately half that of refinishing or replacing existing seating. Perma-Cap covers maintain color finishes. Perma-Cap will also enhance your indoor gym bleachers as well. Perma-Cap eliminates the costly replacement and maintenance associated with lumber. The vibrant colors will add a school spirit to your indoor or outdoor seating!
Perma-Cap® is manufactured by Hussey Seating.

Our Trusted Manufacturers:

Studisteel is an industry leader in fabricating structural steel seating solutions. The engineers at Sturdisteel perform extensive research to develop top-quality designs using only the best materials. Products include permanent grandstands, portable bleachers, press boxes, and more. With seating options ranging from 50 to 50,000  ̶  Sturdisteel can provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Hussey offers a wide variety of the industry’s top bleacher seating solutions.  Full bleacher systems can be used to seat large crowds or just extend one bleacher to maximize floor space when needed.  Hussey boasts the best warranty in the seating business guaranteeing safety and performance to your spectators.

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