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Month: November 2017

5 Ways to Encourage Your Students to Write

November 30, 2017

Looking for some fun ways to keep your students interested in writing this year? Well, we have you covered. As you are planning our your next few weeks, consider these writing activities that you and your students will be sure to enjoy. Add in Creative Writing Letting your students pick their own writing projects can…

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Easy Ways Exercise at Work

November 30, 2017

Life can get hectic, and exercise can often become a mere afterthought, but with a little creativity, that doesn’t have to be. There are many small ways you can add activity to your workday without losing your productivity. So here are just a few tricks to help you work on your fitness. Take the Stairs…

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Making Your Office More Eco-Friendly

November 21, 2017

Looking to make your office a bit more eco-friendly? It might be easier than you think! With a few easy changes, you can turn your office from wasteful to resourceful. So if you are looking for new ways to create a more eco-friendly environment, we have you covered: Go Paperless Roughly 90% of office waste…

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How to Show Gratitude Towards Your Staff

November 20, 2017

Now is the season for giving thanks and gratitude. Whether it’s at home or in the office, sharing a little appreciation now and then can help boost someone’s mood and keep them motivated; especially at work. If you are looking for a way to show your staff you’re grateful, here are just a few simple…

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Signs it’s Time For New Office Furniture

November 17, 2017

Office furniture can be one of the leading things overlooked in an office building. Though their lifespan might seem like an eternity, using the wrong office furniture can hinder everyone’s productivity and efficiency. To provide your employees with the best work environment possible, you’ll want to know the signs of when it’s time for new…

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3 Ways to Avoid Information Overload

November 10, 2017

In this day and age, information overload is something we are experiencing more and more. With technology at our fingertips, sometimes it can be easy to lose focus at home and in the office. So if you are finding yourself with a lack of concentration, here are a few ways to keep your focus.  …

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