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Ground Hogs Day Classroom Crafts

January 28, 2019

Groundhog Day is a holiday that is sometimes overlooked. It’s a day when the country has fun looking for a shadow from a groundhog to see if there will be six more weeks of winter or if spring will come early. There are a few things to tie into education in the classroom that teachers can do that are fun and exciting.

Groundhog Paper Roll. A craft that is easy to make begins with a toilet paper roll. A strip of green construction paper is cut on one end to look like grass. The strip is glued along one end of the roll. A picture of a groundhog peeping out from the top of the roll is the final touch of the craft.

Fun Snack Ideas. Cut different shades of brown construction paper into various shapes so that the class can make their own groundhog while learning about the holiday and the shapes that they are using. A fun treat that the class can eat is chocolate pudding in a cup with crumbled chocolate cookies on top. Put a small graham cracker bear in the dirt to look like a groundhog poking out.

Draw a Bit. The class can color a paper plate brown and add teeth and a nose to make a groundhog. Another idea to include with the paper plate would be to fold it in half before coloring it brown. Use an image of a groundhog along with a sunshine on one side of the animal and clouds on the other side so that the class will know what Groundhog Day is about.

Nickerson Corp has a variety of tables for the classroom that are beneficial when the class makes crafts for this holiday and others.