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April Is Earth Month! How To Go Green In Schools

April 10, 2014

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In honor of Earth Month, it’s time to encourage administrators, teachers and students to take the initiative to go green. With Earth Day approaching quickly (April 22nd), it’s important to incorporate environmental activities into your lesson plans in order to emphasize the importance of being environmentally conscious and preserving the world we live in. We’ve collected a list of activities you can use in your schools in order to promote going green:

Educate Your Students: First and foremost, teachers must inform their students about the importance of going green. Teachers should explain how students’ actions can benefit the environment, and should dedicate some time to teaching students the proper way to recycle.

Start a Recycling Club: Encourage students to recycle by placing labeled recycling bins in each classroom. To get them more involved, pick different students each day to go around the school to collect and empty the recycling bins from specific rooms.

Reduce Paper Use: Reduce the amount of paper you use throughout the day. If you plan on using handouts, make sure to print on both sides, and instead of sending notes home to parents, create a master e-mail list and send home notifications electronically.

Recycle Newspapers and Magazines for Art: Ask students to bring in old newspapers and magazines that can be used for art projects. For example, students can use newspaper for paper-mache projects or create a collage from magazine clippings. To reinforce the importance of recycling, display students’ projects around the room where they can be seen throughout the day.

Grow a Class Garden: At the start of spring, ask school administrators if there is a place where your class can grow a garden. If so, plan a day and time where students can go outside and work together to plant their seeds, and then teach them the importance of caring for and nurturing their plants.

For more tips on how your school can go green, click here.

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