Nickerson is committed to environmentally friendly business practices and strives to work with manufacturers who are dedicated to the same ideals. Nickerson is proud to say that the majority of our manufactures currently have, and are continuously improving, sustainability policies. These practices include: creating durable products to minimize waste; utilizing easily replicable parts so entire products don’t have to be scrapped; using design and manufacturing principals that minimize unnecessary consumption of assembly materials and creating products that do not emit damaging byproducts into the air, water, or ground. Because of these standards many of the products distributed by Nickerson are used in Hampton Bays Middle School, New York State’s First LEED Silver Certified School and The Center for Lifelong Learning, the first special needs public school to reach LEED’s Platinum level, the highest of four LEED certification levels.

Some of our manufacturers programs include:

  • List Industries, Art Metal, Palmer Hamilton, Promats, Aarco, Draper, Global, Smith System, Wood Designs, Jonti-Craft, Community and Virco are GREENGUARD Certified.
  • Paragon and National Public Seating are MAS Certified Green.
  • Virco has developed a furniture recycling program, in which out-of-use furniture components are recycled and then reused in various Virco products. Material can be included in the seats, backrests and work surfaces for products such as the Telos and ZUMAfrd collections.
  • Virco, since the start of its sustainability program, has recycled more than 326,000,000 pounds of materials.  Additionally, Virco picks up cardboard for recycling for 35 schools near their facility. After the cardboard is processed, the proceeds are returned to the schools.
  • Columbia Manufacturing maintains Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.
  • CampbellRhea, Hussey Seating, Worden and LSI Casework are all FSC Certified.
  • CampbellRhea is Carb2 compliant.
  • Maharam Fabric, which is used by Global, HON, Community and The Worden Company is GREENGUARD Certified.
  • Wilsonart Laminate, which is used by LSI and The Worden Company is GREENGUARD Certified.
  • HON, Palmer Hamilton, Clarin, Columbia, Virco, Hussey Seating, LSI Casework, Global and Paragon reuse and recycle the majority of their scrap wood, fabric, and packing skids.
  • HON is a participant in GreenShield, fabrics that reduces the health and environmental impact of stain resistant finishes by dramatically lowering the amount of fluorochemicals and selected components.
  • HON also diverts its sawdust from landfills and makes it available for the use as an alternative fuel source.
  • The Worden Company, Clarin, Hussey Seating, Global and Paragon all use post-industrial and post-consumer products in steel, wheatboard, particleboard and fabric.
  • Global, Clarin, and Hussey Seating have banned the use of all CFCs in spray mechanisms.