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Fun Was to Incoporate The Big Game Into Your Lesson Plan

January 30, 2018

The big game is less a week away, which means there’s still time for you to incorporate some fun, football-related activities into your lesson plans for the week. After all, with all the buzz about the game that will be floating around the classroom, the best way to catch and keep your student’s attention will be to use their excitement to your advantage. Here are a few simple football-based lesson plan ideas that we found to be interesting and easy to implement.

Research The Location

Invite your students to do a little digging about both past and present Game locations and ask them to gather insight on this year’s stadium and surrounding area. Based on their findings have them create a unique ticket that accurately represents where this year’s game will be held. Finally, have them do a quick write-up, explaining why they chose certain elements and ask them to share their ticket designs with the class.

Plan A Trip To The Game

Incorporate a little bit of budgeting into your lesson plan by asking your students to plan their very own trip to see the  Big Game. Challenge your students to scour the internet for tickets, travel and hotel costs while still staying within a predetermined budget. The student who is able to make it to there at the most affordable price wins! This is a great way incorporate technology into the classroom and show how math can be applied in real-life.

Discuss The Advertisements

As you know, This Sunday’s game is known for its excellent advertisements. Take this as an opportunity to discuss persuasive rhetoric and examine some of the most successful ads in game day history. After previewing each ad, ask your students to explain what they got out of the commercial, the information they learned and/or how it made them feel. Then, ask them to choose which ad they thought was the most successful and explain to the class their reasoning.

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