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5 Ways to Encourage Your Students to Write

November 30, 2017

Looking for some fun ways to keep your students interested in writing this year? Well, we have you covered. As you are planning our your next few weeks, consider these writing activities that you and your students will be sure to enjoy.

Add in Creative Writing

Letting your students pick their own writing projects can sometimes be the best way to get them to fully invest. Come up with a variety of topics and let them choose one to work with. Not only will you get to see what they come up with but you’ll get the opportunity to read something different and new each time!

Write Class Bios

One great way to get to know your class, while encouraging their writing, is by assigning an “about me” project. You can create a template to fill out or have them come up with their own format. Bonus — add a photo, and you have some great bulletin board art too.

Make It a Group Effort

Start a story and have each kid add a line or two to it. Pass it around until each kid has had a turn writing and then read it out loud. Not only will it require creativity, but it will be fun and engaging too!

Add Class Journals

Get to know more your students by having them do daily journal writings. Add a marble notebook to their supply list and have them write an entry daily. Write them back and point out grammar or penmanship improvements whenever possible.

Create a Writing Space

Why not create a writing station? Having a section where your students can go to write will help capture their creativity and really make it an enjoyable experience.


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