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The 4 Life Lessons in Star Wars

May 4, 2017

Who taught you how to be a good person? Odds are, it was your parents, teachers, and peers. But have you ever stopped to think about how art and film have helped shape who you are? While they’re certainly entertaining, films also have the power to teach us valuable life lessons. So in honor of May 4th we’re sharing the four life lessons you can learn from watching Star Wars.

1. Embrace What Makes You Different

Star Wars taught us that everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. Be comfortable in who you are and be proud of it. Besides, life would be boring if we all were the same!

2. Find a Good Mentor

Everyone needs a good support system in life. A good mentor will help guide you towards the right path and be there to share their knowledge when you need it the most. Star Wars has some strong mentors with some of the most legendary quotes and lessons that people of any age can learn from.

3. Never Give Up Hope

As we learned from Luke and Yoda, failure happens when you stop believing in yourself. Sometimes it might feel like the odds aren’t in your favor, but just remember that progress takes time. Don’t let anything take away your hope.

4. Be Open Minded

Try new things when you can. Be open to saying “yes” whenever possible and don’t be quick to judge someone by their looks or view on life. Be open to experiencing life and meeting new people.

May the 4th be with you!

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