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About Us…  60 Years of History

Nickerson Corporation was founded in 1952 by Donald Nickerson to supply school furniture to half of New York State.  Known to his friends and customers as “Nick’ – Nick’s goal was to supply strong and dependable furniture to his customers at a reasonable price.   For the first 25 years Nickerson was based out of Nick’s garage in Greenwich Connecticut with one inside assistant, Peggy, to help him manage as Nick was on the road selling most of the time.  It’s hard to imagine but it was all done by landlines, pay phones, and pencils on accounting paper, and everything was either hand delivered or sent through the US mail (first class mail was 4 cents).  Nick built a reliable reputation for high quality furniture and dependable service for his business while also being known as the furniture salesman with a huge smile, a deep laugh and white patent leather boat shoes.

In the late 60’s Nick asked Robert Keller (Bob) to unload trucks and help with installations and project management during the summers.  After graduating from Nichols College in 1969 Bob moved to Stamford Connecticut and became a salesperson and learned the business from the ground up.  Many of their “sales” meetings in those early days were done on Nick’s sailboat on the Long Island Sound.

By the mid 1970’s Bob had purchased 50% of the business from Nick and saw the opportunity to expand into new territory and new product lines.  By the early 80’s Bob bought the other half of the company and moved its headquarters (and Peggy) down to Long Island and started to increase markets as he imagined.   He hired sales people and took on a more diverse product mix to complete his educational offerings.

In 1994 Stephanie Keller, Bob’s daughter, joined the business as a salesperson and Bob’s assistant.  By this time Nickerson employed 15 people and sold products in all of New York, New Jersey and Eastern PA.  She quickly became acclimated to the business and brought new ideas into the firm.  That was the year Nickerson got its first cell phone and by 1996 email was introduced- it changed the business forever.

Today Nickerson is majority owned by Stephanie Keller with Bob still being a partner along with Lou Veneziano, Bruce Paci, Don Tigar, Ike Steward, Dana Lundin and over 45 employees.  Our product lines not only have been expanded to all areas of educational furniture and equipment but to other markets such as performing arts, higher education, pharmaceutical, and municipalities,  The depth of our product lines is a major part of our success, but the other part, which we pride ourselves in is the service we provide.

We still maintain Nick’s philosophy to handle the highest quality furniture and equipment, and provide our customers with the best possible service shown in the company’s mission statement:

To provide high quality furniture and equipment, at a competitive price, with on time deliveries. We will service our customers, with the utmost integrity, to their complete satisfaction.

It is our goal to assure that Nickerson Corporation maintains a consistently high level of service by continuous self-improvement and growth in our operation to the benefit of our customers and the company.