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Top 4 Eco-Schools in the World

February 27, 2017

Sure your school probably had recycling bins in the classrooms and signs encouraging you to be cautious of how much you print, but these four schools give new meaning to the term “eco-friendly schooling.” From buildings made out of only 100% recycled materials to schools that create their own clean energy, these are four of the top eco-schools in the world.

The Green School

Located in Brazil, the entire campus is made from sustainably harvested bamboo. The campus holds four classrooms, dormitories, offices, multiple cafes, a gym, and a spiral staircase. And the structure isn’t the only thing that is environmentally friendly – the entire school also runs on a combination of clean energy systems, like solar power, a biomass boiler, and a micro-hydro generator.

Oaxaca School of Plastic Arts

Artist Francisco Toledo created this organic campus in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each building is made from earth-bermed stone, while large, north-facing windows provide the majority of the school’s lighting needs, and cross-ventilation techniques are used in place of air conditioners.

APAP Open School

With just one look, you’ll be able to tell that this is one creative art school. Found in Korea, every building on APAP’s campus is made from recycled shipping containers and painted with different black and yellow, geometric shapes.

Herwig Blankertz Vocational School

Believe it or not, this German high school was once a World War II armory. Though its basic structure remained the same, the entire roof was covered in translucent solar panels and glass. If that’s not enough, the school actually produces 225 kw of clean energy every day.

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