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Creative Ways To Energize Your Classroom

December 2, 2016

It’s probably inevitable that your students are counting down the days until their holiday break is here, which can result in a lack of morale and low energy around the classroom. To put an extra pep in their steps, consider using these creative ways to add a burst of energy back into the class:

Hand Over Responsibilities: Putting your students in charge of handing out daily warm-up materials, changing the daily and monthly calendar, and delivering items to other teachers as needed will make them feel grown up, and that they are a part of something at school. They’ll start looking for more things to be responsible for, and will keep them engaged in the class.

Shake Up The Routine: Keep your student’s interested by switching up the order in which things get usually done. Breaking out of your daily routine will keep them on their toes and excited about what’s to come next. It might even spark a renewed sense of purpose for an activity that became monotonous as part of their daily routine.

Take a Brain Break: Giving your students a few minutes to regroup and recharge has been proven to do wonders for them. Take a few minutes to do a simple stretch, yoga or some jumping jacks to get them going and feeling revived.

Redecorate and Rearrange: Shifting your classroom around mid-year will certainly wake up those sleepy students in class. Let your students be a part of the decision making process, deciding on where certain items of the room should go. They will have fun brainstorming together and can even alleviate problems that the old arrangement was causing.

Of course one of the biggest ways to re-energize your room is by incorporating new classroom furniture.  Classroom furniture and set up plays a role in keeping students focused. Make sure to set up your room to create a collaborative and nurturing learning environment. Nickerson Corporation, offers furniture that is reliable, comfortable and flexible for your school’s classroom! For more information on our products, give us a call at 631-666-0200 today!