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Ways To Go-Green At School

August 19, 2016

We can’t stress enough the importance of being environmentally friendly and conscious! It’s really worthwhile to educate your students on the importance of “going green” in an effort to help make their surroundings better. Nickerson Corporation is committed to environmentally friendly business practices and strives to work with manufacturers who are dedicated to the same ideals. In addition to getting sustainable materials for your classroom, here are some other ways you can go-green at school:

Participate in International Walk To School Day:

This day promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages parents and students about the effects that cars can have on the environment. On this day, encourage your students to pledge to walk or ride their bikes to school. You can further incorporate this into a lesson plan and ask them to dig deep and explore what impact transportation has on the local environment.

Start a Recycling Club:

There’s no better way to teach your students about the positive effects of recycling, than by making it fun and starting a club! So much paper and supplies are thrown away each day in a school and taking a stance to recycle and reuse them will educate your students on the importance of continuing to do so in their daily lives.

Adopt An Endangered Animal:

Looking for a class pet? Sponsoring an endangered animal from either a local zoo or overseas will show your students how environmental factors affects animals in the wild. Have the class collectively vote on which animal they would like to adopt and host a fundraiser to be able to collect enough money to do so.

Take an Environmentally Informative Field Trip:

Field trips are a great way to learn hands-on how different things work. Consider taking your students to a local landfill, alternative energy plant or an organic farm to give them an inside look on renewable resources, how items are separated during the recycling process, and ways to grow local vegetables at home. This will be a fun alternative to the traditional field trip and your students will come away with a lot of usable knowledge.


Now that you have some fun ideas on ways to go green with your students, don’t forget about choosing eco-friendly and sustainable furniture for your room. Nickerson Corporation is proud to offer safe, non-toxic green furniture for all classroom. We’re the  leader in the classroom furniture industry, supplying educational furniture and equipment to schools in New York and New Jersey for the past 60 years. We realize the importance of providing reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom furniture for students to learn, play, and exercise on. To learn more about how we can help you transform your school or classroom into the perfect educational environment, call 631- 666-0200.