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3 Great Tips for Arranging Classroom Desks

November 20, 2015

Can you believe we’re almost a third of the way through the school year already? If you’re thinking about switching up your classroom seating for a fresh perspective soon, here are a few great tips to help you rearrange your student desks to maximize your instruction and supervision abilities.


Tip #1: Create a focal point. You’ll want arrange desks that you’re at the center off attention. Keep in mind that your focal point should be flexible enough to allow you be work the crowd from almost anywhere in the room that you choose.

Tip #2: Leave room for walkways. Always leave room for mobility so you can move about the room with ease. This is important for teaching purposes and can help keep your students focused. If you stick a student in an area that isn’t accessible, they will be more likely to lose focus knowing that you won’t be walking by.

Tip #3: Try the “stoplight” method. Picture your classroom in three zones — red, yellow and green. Those students that need to be placed in the red zone are most likely to misbehave and need to be in close proximity. Next up is the cautionary yellow zone, and finally the safe green zone for your best and most well-behaved students.

As you rearrange your furniture, take notice of the condition that it’s in. Are your desks still functional for your intended purposes? Is your seating comfortable enough for students to spend the day in without feeling restless? Maybe you could use some additional custom casework to store all of your teaching supplies more efficiently.

At Nickerson Corporation we know that having comfortable, flexible and functional classroom furniture is the key to student success, and we take pride in offering just that! We’ve teamed up with some of the world’s most innovative and respected manufacturers to help insure that our products are always top of the line, paralleling current and upcoming trends in the classroom furniture business.

Our mission is to not only sell classroom furniture to New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, but to “furnish a child’s education” as a whole.

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