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Classroom Activities to Help You “Fall” into Photosynthesis This Season!

September 23, 2015

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Along with shorter days and cooler nights come beautifully colored foliage, a staple of the fall season. Welcome fall into your classroom this month with these great classroom activities to get your student’s thinking about photosynthesis and plant life cycles while enjoying the color changing leaves.

HappyFall! (2)

Name that tree. Have your students collect a variety of leaves in the schoolyard, or ask them to bring some in from home. Then, take a trip to the school library, where you’ve pre-reserved literature on trees and leaves, and have them try to identify which trees their leaves belong to. Make sure to laminate your leaves for protection, and to allow you to create a beautifully decorated fall bulletin board showing each leaf and their classification after the activity is over.

“Storify” photosynthesis. Incorporating fun and intriguing literature into the classroom is a great way to keep students focused and interested in a lesson. Head to your school and public libraries in search of great fall reads, like Top Secret written by John Reynolds which tells the story of a boy discovering the mystery of photosynthesis.

Uncover hidden secrets. Did you know that while leaves change colors in autumn, the gorgeous red and yellow hues have actually been there the whole time hidden by overpowering chlorophyll? You may have known, but we bet your students didn’t. Pick a tree near the school building and cover a few portions of it’s leaves with aluminum foil and masking tape. After a few weeks, the covered spot will be bright and vibrant as compared to the rest since this spot was without sunlight and could not properly photosynthesize.

Just like leaves come to the end of their life cycle, so does classroom furniture. Though your student desks may not photosynthesize, they’ll begin to wear down and wobble from all of those fun classroom activities.

Luckily, Nickerson Corporation offers everything you need to keep your classroom up and running, and your furniture and storage solutions sturdy for seasons to come. For more than 60 years, we have offered furniture repair services to and supplied schools in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas with reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom furniture for students to learn, play, and exercise on.

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