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Product Spotlight: Food Courts

June 5, 2014

cafeteria-05A fully functioning cafeteria is an essential part of any school as it is meant to provide both students and staff with a place to eat and socialize throughout the day.  While most traditional cafeterias include a food station and several seating areas, the transformation to a food court may be the answer administrators are looking for in order to create a new, positive environment that students can access during their time at school to eat and relax with their peers in a way that is different than before. Although it seems that cafeterias and food courts generally possess the same qualities, an upgrade to a food court brings new elements such as booths, high top chairs, lounge furniture and decor that provide a new, unique and comfortable setting that students can enjoy. The following are just some of the benefits that come with the installation of a food court:

  • Increased student participation.
  • Increased school revenue and profits.
  • Implication of a community center where students, faculty and parents can get together.
  • Increased school spirit.
  • Formation of a community between students.
  • Reduced student congestion as a result of improved traffic flow.

Though the installation of a food court might seem to be quite costly, research has shown that schools that have made the change have experienced profit increases as high as 74%. Additionally, administrators have begun to see an impressive increase in student participation, which can likely be attributed to the idea that food courts provide a central place where students can meet and come together as a community. To learn more about food courts and their benefits, click here.

Are you ready to eliminate long lunch lines, reduce the amount of students lingering throughout the hallways, and increase school revenue? Make the transformation to a food court in your school today! Here at Nickerson Corporation, we recognize the importance of creating comfortable and inviting cafeterias and food courts for staff and students of all ages. Partnering with innovative manufacturers such as Palmer Hamilton, we are available to supply food court furniture that can adapt to all of your school’s needs. For more information or to get started, contact us at (631) 666-0200 today!