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We’ve Got Spirit, How About You?

April 3, 2014

While school is meant to be a place of learning, it’s also important to make it fun for your students. Throughout the year, it’s a great idea to dedicate certain weeks to boosting school spirit. By incorporating fun activities into the school day, not only are students more likely to have a positive attitude towards school, but they are also likely to increase productivity during the day. What can you do to enhance your students’ learning experience and boost school spirit? We’ve collected a list of tips that you can use to promote school spirit:


Decorate: Plan a week where students’ can decorate your school’s hallways. Depending on the availability of hallways, separate students into teams by classroom or grade and set some guidelines about what materials and topics can be used and promoted. Don’t forget to take pictures to include in the yearbook and on your school’s social media sites!

Day Time Activities: During your students’ lunch period or recess, include activities such as karaoke, trivia contents, or a game show that students can participate in. Try planning a different game for each day of the week, or if you’re looking for some added competition, make it a week long contest where each day’s winner can compete against each other on Friday.

Themes: Incorporating themes are a great way to boost school spirit. While some schools follow a “spirit week” where each day of the week comes with a different theme, other options include planning one or two days each month where students can dress up and have some fun. For example, try dedicating the last Friday of every month to be “theme day.”

Messages: If you’re looking for a way to get all students involved, consider placing Styrofoam cups into your school’s fence to spell out a message. This can be done to support a team or to promote an upcoming activity. Not only is this sure to increase school spirit during the day, but it’s also likely that students will feel excited every time they drive by and see their work displayed.

Class Songs: In addition to your school’s song, ask each class to come up with a chant or song of their own. Allow each student to contribute at least one idea and then work together to put it all together.

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