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Safety Tips for Science Classes

November 4, 2018

As an educator, you know safety in the science classroom is vital. Keeping safety top priority prevents accidents and helps students learn safe lab methods. These tips will help you as an educator make science education safe and purposeful.

Plan Activities and Experiments Ahead of Time

Plan science experiments ahead of time, before conducting them with students. Identify all the supplies needed and write out a list and the procedures. Conduct the experiment before performing it in the classroom. Determine how to distribute materials and explain the safety procedures. Always plan on how to handle accidents and have first aid available when needed.

Prepare ahead of time, the right way to properly dispose of waste after the experiment. Students should wash their hands after all science activities. Only use reputable science experiments in the classroom. Learn to handle chemical experiments safely. Talk with a science teacher or supervisor to learn whether an experiment is safe.

Wear Safety Gear

When performing experiments always wear safety goggles when using chemicals, hot liquids, or activities with moving parts. These protect the eyes from harm. A laboratory smock or garment protects clothing from damage. Use gloves or mitts when performing experiments with hot substances, dry ice, chemicals, or live animals.

Plastic containers that don’t break are a safe substitute for glass. Cut materials needed ahead to avoid injuries from sharp cutting tools. Recycle batteries and dispose of them the proper way.

The proper science furniture and equipment makes a science classroom run efficiently. Customized sinks, tabletops, microscopes, hoods, storage areas, and greenhouses can be custom designed for schools, trade schools, colleges, and universities needs. This equipment makes the science classroom a safe place.