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The Best Indoor Plants for The Office

September 23, 2018

To be at our productive bests in the office, it is important to create a pleasant and calming atmosphere. We may have introduced ergonomic elements into the work areas and placed artwork on the wall, but is there more that we can do to promote a more productive workplace? Incorporating living plants into our office spaces is an excellent way to increase good mental health and purify the office air quality.

Before running out and purchasing a ton of greenery, it is important to consider what types of plants are best suited for the office. Plants that are hardy, require minimal care and do well in pots are the best sort to fit into most office floor plans.

Rubber tree

This familiar and iconic indoor plant is a great choice due to its attractive leaves and low-maintenance needs. Water them often in the spring and not so much in other seasons. They are helpful in removing air pollutants. These can be placed in areas where there is plenty of room on the floor, and they do not require a lot of room for height.

English Ivy

This is an evergreen climbing vine that is low-maintenance. They are good at reducing air contaminants and will filter out formaldehyde. These vines can be placed on any type of horizontal area that allows them to spread.

Bamboo palm

These are great for areas that have lots of room to grow, do not need much light and help purify the air. They only require a small amount of floor space but do need space above to grow.

Chinese evergreen

This colorful plant is great to have in the office because it requires minimal care and removes toxins from the air. It requires warmer temperatures, so place in areas above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant needs a wide space on the floor but does not require much room for height.

Plants are easy to incorporate around the office, and with a little planning, they can co-exist comfortably with the office furniture. At Nickerson Corporation, we believe that having efficient office furniture in a workplace that is designed with comfort and health in mind will, in turn, lead to more productivity. Adding greenery is an economical and simple way to improve the workspace.