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Signs it’s Time For New Office Furniture

November 17, 2017

Office furniture can be one of the leading things overlooked in an office building. Though their lifespan might seem like an eternity, using the wrong office furniture can hinder everyone’s productivity and efficiency. To provide your employees with the best work environment possible, you’ll want to know the signs of when it’s time for new office furniture.  

Bad Posture

The improper office furniture can lead to a ton of back and neck problems and decrease productivity. With the wrong desk height or chair, your spine is being put in a dangerous position, and it can lead to a world of back and neck problems from years to come. If you were continually slouching or hunching to see your monitors, it’s time for new office furniture.

You Don’t Have Enough Working Space

Not all desk are made equal, and the shape and size of your office should match your workload. A proper desk should allow you enough space for your computer, along with enough side space to do some form of paperwork. Your desk size needs to be able to handle your everyday tasks without any inconvenience.

It looks Dated

Your office reflects your brand. Outdated furniture that is worn down is not a good look for your name, and beyond the aesthetics of it, the older the desk, the less likely it is to match the modern day workflow that we now have. So if your office is decades old, it’s time for an upgrade. Your employees will not only be able to have a better work day, but your customers and potential customers will also get a much better first impression.


At  Nickerson Corporation we believe that having efficient office furniture with ample storage and comfort will lead to a more productive day. We have partnered with top manufacturers to provide quality office and administrative furniture to professional buildings throughout New York and New Jersey.