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How to Show Gratitude Towards Your Staff

November 20, 2017

Now is the season for giving thanks and gratitude. Whether it’s at home or in the office, sharing a little appreciation now and then can help boost someone’s mood and keep them motivated; especially at work. If you are looking for a way to show your staff you’re grateful, here are just a few simple ways you can.

Give Them Some Time

With the upcoming holiday’s ahead, nothing is better than a little extra time. Whether you allow for a short paid time off or close the office an hour or two early one day, the gesture will show your gratitude. When notifying your employees, just be sure they know it’s because of all their hard work.

Throw a Party

It’s holiday party season, and now is the time to start planning. In the office or out, a catered lunch or dinner will allow employees to let off some steam and get to bond with one another. Bigger or small, a party is an affordable way to pay thanks to your staff.

Acknowledge The Little Things

You don’t have to show gratitude at particular times of the year; you can do it all year round with just some simple gestures. If your staff puts in extra work or lands a big client acknowledge it; a simple “thank you” or “great job”goes a long way! By letting your team know that you care, you are also working to increase their motivation.  

Help Ease Their Stress

Talk to your employees, see what their wants and needs are — and help them achieve it. Do they need more space or office supplies? Are they looking for better equipment? Keeping open communication will allow you to understand the wants and needs of your staff.


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