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Easy Ways Exercise at Work

November 30, 2017

Life can get hectic, and exercise can often become a mere afterthought, but with a little creativity, that doesn’t have to be. There are many small ways you can add activity to your workday without losing your productivity. So here are just a few tricks to help you work on your fitness.

Take the Stairs

Get your cardio in each day by skipping the elevator and opting for the stairs. If you work on a single floor building — park your car a little farther away. These are just some little changes that you can get your heart pumping and your circulation going! 

Get up and stroll every 30 minutes

Be sedentary at your desk is no good for your posture, your productivity or your body. It can seem effortless to get suckered into your work and never leave your office chair, so set the alarm. Sitting can play a significant part in your posture if you let, so get up and get moving! Even if it’s just a quick walk around the office, your body will thank you later.

Copy Machine Stretches

Every little thing helps, so while you are sitting making copies, why not kill two birds with one stone and do a bit of stretching. Lift your legs while you wait or do a few push up on the side while it’s printing. A few low-impact stretches will kill time while getting your daily hours in.

Arm Day

Spend most your day sitting on the phone, why not use that time to get your arm workout in; keep small weights under your desk or use a water bottle to do lifts. Once you’ve done a set, flip the phone over to the other side and do another set.


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