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3 Ways to Avoid Information Overload

November 10, 2017

In this day and age, information overload is something we are experiencing more and more. With technology at our fingertips, sometimes it can be easy to lose focus at home and in the office. So if you are finding yourself with a lack of concentration, here are a few ways to keep your focus.


1. Put Similar Tasks Together

One way to keep your day on track is to lump little, quick tasks together. Clean out your emails while organizing files — just make sure to give yourself a time limit! Completing all of your little tasks together allows for better time management while keeping your day on track.

2. Take Breaks

One of the easiest ways to burn out is by powering through. Get up and stretch, or take a stroll around the office. Oxygen and movement are not only good for your mental and physical state, but it can get your energy boosted leading to a more productive day. So stop the chair slouching and get active.

3. Keep a Notepad

If you find yourself daydreaming all day long, or often find random thoughts popping into your head, don’t ignore them. Instead, write them down. By keeping a notepad at your desk, you can jot down any random thoughts that enter your head and get back to the task at hand. Take those ideas and list them in the order of importance so you can know what to tackle first.


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