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How Technology has Changed The Classroom

April 27, 2017

Technology is evolving, and it’s everywhere. It’s in our hands, our cars, our homes, and even the classroom. We went from computers labs to computers in every classroom. With the depletion of black boards and the increase in smart boards, teachers have had to find a way to update their lesson plans. Below are just some of the major changes technology has had on our classrooms:

Bye Bye Blackboards

Easier to write, project, and interact with, whiteboards and smartboards have been the class norm for almost 20 years. Some teachers are even able to access the web. With no need for chalk, children can participate with just a touch of a finger.

Homework at the Click of Your Mouse

Most homes have a computer or tablet, more and more teachers assign online homework and activities. Projects are usually displayed on PowerPoints instead of posterboard and parents can even view their kid’s progress right online.

Increased Interaction and Retention

Interactive technology gets the students engaged and interested in the subject leading to a better retention rate. Kids are eager to be hands-on in learning and have more interest in the subject at hand.

It Personalizes the Learning Experience

Teachers can customize their lesson to fit a student’s learning style. With an interactive screen, subjects like geography can be taught visually, hands-on and auditory, leaving for a better success rate.

Nickerson Corporation knows there is an abundance of other items that are key in designing a learning environment that will keep students engaged. We help schools throughout New York and New Jersey purchase interactive whiteboards and even projection screens and have chosen to work with some of the leading brands to ensure that our clients get stylish and innovative products that fit their budgets. For more information on how we can help, contact us at (631) 666-0200 today!