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Safety First

August 6, 2012

Being a new mother I am always worried about safety.  I worry about the safety straps on the high chair, the wheels on a stroller, and if the pacifiers are I give my daughter are BPA free.  In business safety is one of the first things Nickerson presents when talking to our clients.  Sometimes it is the ONLY thing we talk about when starting a project.  We always recommend not only meeting the local building and fire code but exceeding it.  Items such as Safety Straps for Basketball Backstops, Limit Switches and Motion Monitors for Gym Bleachers, Wall Padding for Gymnasiums, and Locking Mechanisms on In Wall Cafeteria Systems are a few items which do not significantly increase a project’s cost but provide extra safety and peace of mind to the end user.  So next time you are starting a project or renovating an existing space think safety first!

-Stephanie Keller, President