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Nickerson Corporation believes that students should have athletic equipment that is not only durable and innovative, but also safe. We provide the latest in high quality, environmentally-friendly products such as sports flooring, digital scoreboards, and other school gym equipment throughout New York and New Jersey. By partnering with leading manufacturers in the athletic equipment industry, Nickerson has been able to create sports environments that boost young athletes’ ability to train and improve performance.

Basketball Back Stops

Basketball Back Stop Stationary & Folding Options

When trying to find the perfect wall system for your gym, there are many options and accessories to choose from.
Contact Nickerson to help you set up the best accommodating product.

Automatic Winch System

Allows for the user to automatically lift and lower backboards with the push of a button. No more manually cranking backboards into position.

Height Adjuster

  • For rectangular or fan-shaped backboards
  • Direct mount 8’-10’ manual or motorized Height Adjusters
  • Includes height scale graduated in 1” increments and labeled at 6” intervals.

Our Trusted Manufacturers:

Draper Inc. has been manufacturing athletic equipment since 1902. Their extensive experience creating gym dividers, wall pads, batting cages, and much more makes them experts in the industry. You can count on quality and competitive prices that will exceed your expectations on all of Draper’s equipment.

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