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Tag: social media

Social Media Bulletin Board Ideas to Make Back-to-School a Blast!

August 5, 2015

What’s the best part of back-to-school? Decorating of course! From classrooms to hallways, there are plenty of bulletin boards that need a back-to-school facelift before the students come shuffling in. Since kids these days are fully immersed in social media, why not incorporate it into the classroom? Here are a few great social media themed…

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Benefits Of Using Social Media In The Classroom

February 12, 2015

In an age where technology consumes our thoughts and directs our actions, it seems only fitting that teachers have started to include the use of digital platforms in their classrooms. While the type of platform may vary between teachers, the reality is that technology has become an integral part of the academic experience and will…

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Using Social Media In The Classroom

April 25, 2014

Ever find that your students are on their cell phones more than they’re taking notes or participating in class? Especially for those of you working in higher education, do you find that your students are buried behind their computer more than they’re buried in their textbooks?  If this is familiar to you, you’re not alone….

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