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Tag: outdoor seating

Why You Should Repair Your Bleachers Now

June 23, 2016

School is officially out, and it’s time to think about those summer maintenance projects that you’ve been planning all year. The quietness of summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to repair or replace your outdoor seating to ensure a safe and comfortable area for students and teachers when school is back in session. Here are…

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Make Your Next School Event a Success

March 22, 2016

Spring is finally here, which presents the perfect opportunity to host some interactive outdoor events for your students and their families to enjoy. From year-end picnics and warm-weather carnivals, to field days, outdoor movie nights, and more, the opportunities to incorporate a little fun into your school sanctioned events are nearly endless. That being said,…

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3 Benefits of Having a Custom Scoreboard

March 17, 2016

For many schools throughout the tri-state area, Spring sports season is already underway. As your teams begin hitting practice and preparing for the big games ahead, you should too by considering purchasing a brand new scoreboard to kick off the season the right way. Besides offering support to your hard working athletes, a customized scoreboard…

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3 Things That Make Your Scoreboard Stand Out

February 1, 2016

With the Super Bowl only days away, there’s only one thing that’s for certain: All eyes will most definitely be on that giant scoreboard in Levi’s Stadium this Sunday! With that being said, let’s take a moment to think about the power that a good scoreboard can have on the dynamic of a sporting game…

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Bleacher Inspection Rules and Requirements

July 1, 2015

Outdated and damaged bleachers put your students in danger of injury and your school at risk for potential accident liability. To help keep bleachers regulated and well-maintained, every state has rules and requirements in place in to make sure they remain up to code and are inspected and repaired when necessary. For example, we’ll take…

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Turf vs. Grass Fields

May 19, 2014

With the arrival of spring and summer on the horizon, students will be spending more time out doors than they have in recent months. Whether they are in engaged in spring sports, gym class, field day, or outdoor events such as graduations, students are likely to find themselves on your school’s field. Over the past…

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Hats Off To The Class of 2014: Graduation Ceremonies

April 11, 2014

Within the next couple of months, schools all around the world will be getting ready to say farewell to the class of 2014. For students of every age, graduation is one of the biggest milestones in their academic career and, as teachers and administrators, it’s your job to plan a ceremony that they will take…

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