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Winter Weather Activities To Add To Your Syllabus

December 12, 2018

Cold weather can be extremely trying for the young and the old. We, know that children need to stay busy even though it may be cold outside. They will need to have some things that they can do that will be both entertaining and educational.

Making A Winter Picture Collage 
Kids love to do things with their hands, and a great way to keep them learning when it is cold outside is to have them make a winter weather collage. They can go outside to see all the winter landscape. When they come inside, they can cut pictures out from magazines of some of the things that they saw. Have them choose a colored piece of stock paper to glue the pictures on. They will want to sign their name too.

Making Up A Winter Weather Song 
In education, part of teaching is having children make friends. The kids can be divided into groups. Together in their group, they can make up a winter weather song. This is fun to do, and the kids become friends while they are working together.

Draw A Picture Of The Playground 
The students will enjoy drawing a picture of their playground. They can use their imagination and creativity. They should sign the picture and give it to their parents when they get home.

Acting Out Nursery Rhymes 
By using nursery rhymes, the children can act them out. There are many that they can choose from. Since they will want to dress in a bit of a costume when it is their turn to act it out, the parents can help with getting a simple costume together for their child. This is a lot of fun for the children to do, especially when it is cold outside.

These winter weather activities will keep children occupied while they learn and have fun. They will love making friends too. Contact us at for more ideas on winter weather activities.