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Showing Your Employees You Care This Holiday

December 3, 2018

The most productive employees are generally those that feel most valued. There are a number of ways throughout the year to show your employees you care, but the most important time may be over the holidays. Here are 4 ways to show employees you care this holiday.

1. Give them flex time 
Holidays are always filled with a number of personal commitments, so do your best to provide employees with as flexible of a schedule as you can. Being able to be there for family and other special events can give them peace of mind, which might be the best gift of all.

2. Throw a great party 
One of the best ways to show your employees you care is by throwing them a great party. A great party doesn’t just consist of food and drinks – although those are certainly important – a truly great party should involve something really special. Whatever you do, make sure your Christmas party is a memorable one, not just the minimum effort required.

3. Get them personalized gifts 
An office Christmas party is great, and you should have one, but as much as possible, you should also get them gifts that actually mean something to them. If you can’t get them a personal gift, give them a gift they can personalize, such as a gift card rather than a company branded t-shirt or mug.

4. Revamp the office 
One great gift for employees is new office furniture and decor. Most people remodel or upgrade their home in some way every few years, but many offices can go a decade or more without a major upgrade. Give your employees a gift that will keep on giving year-round with an office remodel and new furniture.

To give your employees a gift that will last the whole year through, give Nickerson Corp. a call today. We can help you design an office your employees will love working in.