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5 Ways to Organize Your Office Desk

December 2, 2018

Do you feel overwhelmed at work by your messy desk? Do you find yourself spending extra valuable time in your workday searching for materials or misplaced papers? Organizing your workspace can make a world of difference for your productivity, by alleviating undue stress caused by clutter and allowing you to take advantage of the resources available to you.

1. Purge unnecessary clutter. 
You will feel instant relief in your workspace simply by throwing out old sticky notes, outdated papers and any garbage you have accumulated. Unconscious hoarding can be a great cause of stress, even when you don’t notice you’re doing it.

2. Designate a space for everything. 
Once you have removed all nonessential materials from your space, make sure you assign a home for everything left that you will be using regularly. A drawer for this and a folder for that- you’ll never stress over a lost form again.

3. Find an attractive desk organizer. 
You can find all sorts of stylish space saving organizers on Amazon. Pinterest is another favorite resource for using unusual containers to organize your office- check out the DIY category for creative space saving ideas.

4. Label! 
Investing in a label maker will help you to consistently keep files and notebooks organized according to your work priorities. It’s a simple move that will save you a lot of time searching for that elusive file you always seem to lose.

5. Add a bit of personality.
Although minimalism is the best approach for office productivity, it is always a good idea to keep some knick-knacks on your desk to bring a smile to your face in stressful times. Whether that be a family picture, a little plant or your favorite coffee mug, don’t forget that extra bit of cheer to brighten your day.

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