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Why Science Classroom Require Specialized Tables

November 9, 2018

Do you remember your high school science classes? Even 50 years ago, educators realized that specialized furnishings and equipment were vital to successfully teaching hands-on subjects such as science. Technology is here to stay, and our classrooms need to modernize in order to keep up with the STEM demands in education. Why do chemistry and biology classrooms require specialized tables?

Safety. Students are taught science through experiments, which often involve heat and chemicals. Tables must be made of materials which can withstand these potential hazards. Additionally, they must provide enough surface area to safely conduct the procedure.

DurabilityTables must be high-quality in order to function for years to come. School budgets are tight, and we must invest wisely. An investment in our school is an investment in our students and future scientists!

Student Engagement. Teachers dream of a classroom filled with engaged and curious learners. The proper furnishings and equipment allow the teacher to instruct and demonstrate scientific experiments to his or her students. A hands-on approach to this important subject cannot take place without appropriate tables and workstations.

We all want the best training for our students, and that begins with just the right furnishings that are safe, durable, and will help with the monumental task of engaging our students’ minds. Nickerson Corp. can help you achieve these goals with the best tables for your classroom. “Furnishing a child’s education” is what we do! Call us today for layouts and budgets that meet your school’s needs. Let us be your one-stop shop!