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Tips for Organizing Your Locker

November 12, 2018

As anyone in education knows, a well-organized locker can often be the first step to a successful school year. A tidy locker can help a student quickly find a book or assignment and get to class on time. While some students seem to have a natural knack for organization, there are a few tips that everyone can follow to achieve a more structured locker.

Use Labels or Color Codes. Keeping books neat and aligned is the first step in locker organization. Each subject should have a label or color assigned to it with a corresponding folder. Keeping subjects labeled will prevent any loss of papers, homework, or assignments.
Maximize Storage. Many locker organizational aids exist for lockers of all sizes. Invest in a shelving unit to better compartmentalize the space, a hanging organizational rack or magnetic storage cups. Keeping books, papers, and writing utensils separate allows for an easy transition between classes without having to waste time searching for what is needed.
Add a Trash Can. While it is easy to skip from one class to another, mindlessly throwing unnecessary papers into a locker, investing in a small waste bin for the bottom of the locker can save time and frustration. Pick one day a week to be sure to empty out the trash bin to keep unnecessary papers and rubbish from taking over the locker.
Keep on Top of It. The most important tip is to stay on top of the organizational plan. It is far easier to keep a locker organized throughout the year than it is to have to spend an entire afternoon cleaning and organizing a messy locker entirely from scratch.

Following these tips are sure to give anyone a head start during the year and maintain an organized locker throughout the year to help improve grades and moods.