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How to Teach Young Students About Gratitude

November 6, 2018

Gratitude is more than saying “Thank you”. It’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a mindset of thankfulness that can change the world around us. How do we teach this important philosophy to our young students?

Teach It. Help students to know that gratitude is more than words but also give them real-life examples. Show them people in history or people in our community who demonstrate thankfulness as a way of life.

Model It. It’s tempting to think that our students are so busy with their smartphones that they aren’t paying attention. However, they are watching and they are learning. Do they see in us an attitude of gratitude?  

Live It. Let’s give our students to see gratitude in the world around them. Serve a meal at a local soup kitchen. Clean up a yard for someone who is physically unable. Plant a tree on campus. Let them experience receiving gratitude while they also learn how to express it.

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