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5 Ways to Use Your High School Auditorium

November 16, 2018

What is a high school auditorium you ask? Well, it is the largest space in your school where the most significant meetings are held. This is the room that comfortably seats all faculty and students in the building at any given time. Typically, the auditorium has a hardwood floor with a glossy finish appropriate for gym class, theatrical performances, and removable seating options. One may say this is the most memorable room in the building because when everyone is brought there you know something big is about to happen. Continue reading for the five ways to use your high school auditorium.

1. Pep Rallies 

This is the space where everyone can comfortably get amped up! Cheerleaders can do their stunts and cartwheels here, jocks can show their moves, and fans have room to cheer.

2. Annual Fundraisers 

When everyone needs to be on the same page about a topic, it is best when one person tells them, loud and clear. A game of telephone is no fun in a high school with 800 teenagers! Make sure everyone is on the same page with one grand presentation.

3. Awards Ceremonies 

Letters, hats and gowns, and achievement awards are often given in the auditorium. It’s a great place for photos, to walk across a stage, and to host an audience.

4. Education and Meetings 

We are here to make sure everyone gets an education after all! If bad behavior needs to be corrected, invite the whole school to the auditorium and host a guest speaker who can best address the manner.

5. Graduation Ceremonies 

When it is time to say goodbye, sometimes it is nice to say goodbye where it all started. It’s popular to now hold graduation ceremonies onsite in the school auditorium when space is deemed large enough.

The high school auditorium is the best place to encourage communication and celebrations. Aim to use your space more next year!