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pumpkins in class

Using Pumpkins in the Classroom to Learn

October 18, 2018

Fall has arrived and now is the perfect time to begin incorporating materials into the classroom that will visually stimulate and bolster students’ interest in learning.

Enhance Classroom Environment with Fall Décor

Pumpkins and autumn leaves are sure to liven up any classroom or study space and provide a sensory indicator of the changing season. The life cycle of leaves and how farmers grow pumpkins are a few examples of opportunities to incorporate subjects like math and science into lesson plans. Highlight books or any area of the classroom where students’ attention should be drawn to by placing a few small pumpkins, gourds or other interesting fall decorations nearby.

Promote Creativity With Seasonal Crafts

Hands-on assignments are some of the most impactful ways to engage and promote artistic imagination in pupils. Providing various textiles such as yarn and felt along with construction paper and scissors helps to motivate students to utilize their senses by encouraging them to explore and create. Try black construction paper with white chalk to draw haunted houses or orange, yellow and green foam sheets to make jack-o-lanterns crafts.

Motivate Learning Through Festive Themes

Never underestimate the advantages of using festive themes in every subject. For instance, draw a large piece of candy corn on a whiteboard or chalkboard when studying angles in math or when explaining the lesser than and greater than symbols. Try dissecting a pumpkin in science or show how photosynthesis affects plants in autumn, to further engage students’ curiosity as they learn. Ask students to write a poem about leaves or their favorite fall activity, to boost their creative writing skills.

This is a great time of year to integrate fall elements into the classroom to elevate, enhance and engage student learning.