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world teachers day

Unique Ways to Celebrate World Teachers Day

October 4, 2018

A day in the life of a teacher can be very difficult and stressful. In recognition of all that educators do, UNESCO launched World Teachers Day in 1994. This gives us an opportunity to tell our educators how much we appreciate them!

A Very Special Day
World Teachers Day is a day of global recognition. It is celebrated every year on October 5th so that a teacher’s status can be raised and so we can acknowledge the contributions that teachers make to the development of our children.

Things We Can Do
There are numerous ways that we can celebrate this day.

  • Bringing small gifts and baked items is always a good idea. But something as simple as a handwritten “thank you” on a whiteboard is equally as special!
  • Many teachers would appreciate a gift outside of the classroom, like tickets to a community theater or a restaurant gift card.
  • You could even create a catered lunch event or sponsor a class movie. This would provide some socialization for students and some needed downtime for the teacher.
  • A more widespread gift would be to arrange discounts for the entire school district at some community businesses. This might require support from a parents’ group but it is a great way to demonstrate community pride.
  • Volunteering in the classroom would be the ultimate gift. Teachers are anxious to have a chance to provide individual attention to those who need it and your time could be the key to this effort.

Whatever you decide, we at the Nickerson Corp are here to help with the tools or equipment you need to help create an unforgettable experience.