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Nickerson’s Dedication to Quality Products

October 13, 2018

There are not many businesses that sell school furniture and equipment and even fewer hold quality in such high regard. The furniture and equipment that fills schools is not the everyday furniture that you can find anywhere. That’s why here at Nickerson, we’ve dedicated our business to enhancing schools with our improved products that are ensured to be safe for the students and teachers at schools.

We have everything from athletics products and bathroom partitions to office and classroom furniture. Here are a few ways our products can benefit and enhance your school.

  • Our Hussey Safety End-Closure Curtains make your gym extraordinarily safe. It blocks the passage under the bleachers so that no one is put into danger retrieving items that may have fallen or playing hide and seek.
  • The auto-rotating center aisle rails are an extreme must-have. While the bleacher is opening remotely, the handles rotate and automatically lock into position so that they are safe and dependable for everyone using them to move up and down the bleachers.
  • Our collaborative and interchanging classroom desk allow for smooth movement around the room. It is great for safety and ease; not to mention, saves time before the next switch-over.

Administration and office staff also deserve quality furniture in their offices. Our office furniture is also created for collaborative work; meaning, it can fit together to make different pieces.

Through the early stages in the process, Nickerson validates each part to ensure each product’s reliability. We like to know everything about the systems because we know our products keep children safe.

Your school can be the first in the neighborhood with completely safe and new furniture and equipment that insures safety and convenience.