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family history

Family History Month in The Classroom

October 9, 2018

Family is so important — in many ways, it makes up who we are and how we feel. In honor of Family History Month, we’re bringing the topic of family history out of the house and into the classroom!

Bring in a Family Dish

Encourage parents to get involved by asking your students to bring in a dish that reflects their heritage. Before you begin eating, ask each student to say why they chose to make this dish, what it’s made of, and any interesting facts they may have learned about it.

Plant a Family Tree

While little ones know who their mom, dad, and grandparents are, they may not understand the true relationship between everyone (ie, that grandma is their mom’s mom). Ask students to bring in pictures of their family members and to create a tree. They can also add facts about each person next to their picture and name.

“Where I’m From” Report

While many older students probably know what their family history is, very few know about life in the country their family is from. Ask students to report on what life is like in the country their family is from, including the country’s imports, exports, national colors, flag, and so much more. If they have a family member who once lived in that country, encourage them to talk with their loved one about it. You can also ask students to become pen pals with someone living in their family’s home country.

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