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whiteboard in classroom

The Best Ways to Use Whiteboards in the Classroom

September 19, 2018

The whiteboard is the contemporary replacement to the old school chalkboard. As an educator, the whiteboard is your lifeline to daily instruction. Below are some great ideas to incorporate whiteboards more frequently! Nickerson Corporation provides an array of educational tools including whiteboards for teachers to engage their students at a higher level.


Teachers need an engaging way to introduce new concepts to students. One great method is brainstorming on whiteboards. Set a timer, break the class into groups, and have them write down as many thoughts as they can about the subject. This is a great “hook” to get the class excited about the topic.

Math Problems

Whiteboards are a great tool to check for understanding. Educators can have students work out problems, hold them in the air, and provide immediate feedback. The whiteboard also offers flexibility to students to work independently, collaborate and helps teachers with guided practice portions of the lesson. It is a more efficient means of checking for mastery before looking at formal assessments.

Spelling or Vocabulary

The whiteboard is great for building vocabulary at the primary and secondary levels. Many students retain information better through writing. The whiteboard offers flexibility to engage students in games and friendly competitions to keep learning exciting. It is a better alternative to using paper and more friendly for the environment!

Critical Question and Answer

The use of whiteboards is also effective in literature, social studies, government, or political science classes. A great warm-up for a lesson is to have students write their individual responses to a teacher-generated question. This will ensure each student is engaged an on task.

Whiteboards are an essential teaching tool that can be used in practically any lesson. Education of the 21st-century student requires engaging, hands-on lessons. Whiteboards are an efficient, cost-effective tool to elevate your classroom instruction.