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Preparing Your Kids for the School Year Ahead

September 3, 2018

Although you may not want to believe it, the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. As we proceed through the month of September, you will have to start preparing your children for the school year ahead. Preparation cannot be crammed into the week or night before. A slow and steady transition will set the stage for a successful school year.

Making the Transition

Setting a Schedule

Summer allowed for sleeping until noon and going to bed past midnight. The school year requires kids to be well-rested to allow them to focus and work hard. Starting in the last four week before school, you should start enforcing a bedtime that is closer to that of the school year. For example, you can start by enforcing a bedtime of 11 o’clock and moving it back by a half hour to an hour every week until school starts. In addition, you should also set a wake up time and move it back every week.

Buying School Supplies

Many elementary and middle schools will send out school supply lists or post them online. Taking your kids shopping for flashy, colorful new school supplies can get them enthusiastic for the new school year.

Make them Excited

Kids tend to dwell on the negative aspects of starting school (e.g. homework, boring lessons, bad teachers, etc.). Reminding your kids of the positive aspects of school (e.g. making new friends, not being bored, playing a sport, etc.) can help them be more enthusiastic about the inevitable.

Introduce Concepts

Look into the school’s curriculum to see the concepts your kids will be learning that year. Take them to the library to rent books or make games that introduce the concepts they will be learning about. Choose fun concepts to make them excited to learn more.

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