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Organized classroom

Keeping Your Classroom Clean All Year Round

September 25, 2018

When you work in a classroom all day, it can sometimes be difficult to keep papers picked up, desks organized, and shelves arranged in a manner that is neat and appealing to the eye. Fortunately, there are a few quick ideas that you can follow while working in the field of education that will help to keep your room clean all year. While keeping your room clean, try to engage your students as much as possible so that they will practice the same habits that you have put in place.

Cleaning Songs

A fun way to get kids to practice music while cleaning at the same time is to sing a song while straightening desks, picking things up off the floor, and making sure everything is in its place on the shelves. You can also perform fun activities while singing as both actions are often a part of the daily education of students anyway. Designate a song each day or each week that students can sing while cleaning so that they can practice at home.

Organized Furniture

One way to keep your classroom organized is to use furniture that doesn’t have compartments like you would see on a desk. You can order tables of all sizes and shapes with benches and chairs from companies like Nickerson Corp. At the end of the week, fold the tables to put them against one wall so that you can sweep and mop to keep the floors clean.

Role Play

Assign each child a role to play while cleaning the classroom. You can have a few robots in the room as well as busy bees or trash collectors. When students see that cleaning can be fun, they will likely want to be more involved, keeping the room clean all year instead of only for a few days.

If you need to renovate your classroom with new furniture, then make a call to Nickerson Corp. You can also look online for various types of tables, desks, chairs, and other furnishings that can keep you clean and organized.