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Grandparents day in classroom

Celebrating Grandparents Day in the Classroom

September 9, 2018

There are many different events that come and go during a school year but few are as fun in the world of education as Grandparents Day. This is an opportunity for children and grandparents to bond and show their affection in a public setting. Here are just a few of the many things you can do to celebrate grandparents day in the classroom.

Let the grandparents tell their story.

The awesome thing about those who are older than us is that they have stories to tell. If you had a story time with the different grandparents, everyone is bound to learn a lot. This also gives the grandparents an opportunity to feel special and important.

Create family trees.

Ancestry sites are a great way to help your students and their grandparents see where their family comes from. With basic craft supplies, you will be able to create fun and interesting family trees that will excite everyone involved.

Give out grandparent grab bags.

Grandparent grab bags can be really fun your students. Grandparent coloring sheets and granny snacks are a fun way to incorporate the day with some items that can be taken home. These items can also be shared with the grandparents and the students.

Play games that include both grandparents and children.

There are plenty of fun games that can be played with both the grandparents and grandchildren. Basic hide and seek games, pinatas, matching games, and bingo games can be a fun way for children and grandparents to connect with each other in an entertaining and uplifting way during grandparents day.

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