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Why Fall is The Perfect Time For an Office Makeover

August 18, 2018

With the summer winding down and an influx of new business ventures set to arrive with the approach of autumn, people are anxiously gearing up for the change in season. Spring isn’t the only time for cleaning, and even those in the business world can benefit from a seasonal office revamp.

A Fresh Coat

Incorporating a new color scheme can help create a warmer atmosphere for the coming seasonal shift. A fresh coat of paint in warm tones like browns, oranges, and golds will provide a decidedly autumnal feel, and pairing this with accent pieces like lamps, rugs, armchairs, and throw pillows in complementary colors will help tie the entire look together.

Modern Office Decor

Fall is a time for comfort and coziness, so try trading out your old hard backed swivel chairs for models with a bit more cushion. Similarly, changing out old desks for newer models like standing desks or ones with adjustable heights have shown to increase workplace productivity, and they look cool to boot.

Changing the Layout

If an entirely new set of furniture isn’t quite within your budget, try a little feng shui and rearrange your current layout. Dividing your workspace into cubicles can feel claustrophobic and they make your office look drab and outdated. Many workplaces have switched to open concept layouts, which creates a more cohesive workspace for your employees and also gives your business a modern, trendy flair to appeal to potential clients.

Is it time to upgrade your office chairs? At  Nickerson Corporation we believe that having efficient office furniture with ample storage and comfort will lead to a more productive day. We have partnered with top manufacturers to provide quality office and administrative furniture to professional buildings throughout New York and New Jersey.