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Enjoying Family Fun Month With These Fun Learning Activities

August 16, 2018

Just because the days of summer are winding down doesn’t mean your time of making lasting memories is over. August is Family Fun Month, which is the perfect time to reinforce learning while having a great time using educational summer activities.The 31 days August provides is the opportune time to enjoy and create real family fun activities that won’t break the bank. You and your family will also discover that learning and education is fun and can happen anywhere. Here are just five enjoyable ways you can keep the summer full of learning fun! 

1. Create a bird feeder. Creating bird feeders with recycled materials from your home is not only educational but good for the environment. A simple bird feeder will create many opportunities for learning during the building phase. You will also have numerous chances for discussion of birds.

2. Make homemade bubble solution. What child doesn’t love bubbles and creating your solution adds to the fun! Experiment with unique bubble blowing tools from household items – string, utensils, lids. But definitely, don’t forget to hold the largest bubble contest!

3. Grow a bean sprout in a bag. Using simple household items and dried beans will make for fun science experiments for the entire family. Experiment using different water, temperatures, and lighting during the growth period of the sprout.

4. Create ice cream in a bag.Summer screams for homemade ice cream and I can’t think of a way that is more fun than making ice cream in a bag! Using ingredients found in your cupboard and refrigerator will not only make you giggle but will make your tummy happy too!

5. Put a jigsaw puzzle together. Oh, the memories of sitting around the table putting a puzzle together! Puzzles are an enjoyable activity that stimulates learning on both sides of your brain. Puzzles are great winddowns for the day and also undeniably know as great family fun!

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