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Top Tips to Make The Most Out of Summer School

July 2, 2018

As the end of the year comes around the corner, teachers everywhere begin to plan where they will be for the summer. Some teachers choose to take this time off, while others want to work during this season. For different reasons, many teachers decide to teach in the summer school setting. Although this may seem like the least “relaxing” way to spend your vacation, many teachers find that it is the most natural thing to do.

If you have an effective plan your summer can go smoothly, and even fun! Listed below are some tips on how to make this school time efficient and enjoyable.

Plan a Structured Curriculum

Before the course begins, really sit down and decide on concrete outcomes for your curriculum. There is no use in trying to put a year’s worth of material into two months. You can choose that units that you found most important, and expand those so that they fill out the whole course period. This way they are covered in depth and on a manageable time schedule.

Rethink Homework during Summer Education

If the administration of your elementary school is okay with it, feel free to skip the homework! Homework can be used as a way to encourage the behavior. If the students are focused and present during the lectures, they will not have to complete homework at night.

Get to Know Your Students

With smaller classes, getting to know your student’s weaknesses and strengths will be easier than ever. Take the time to see what their struggles are and work with them one on one to improve them.


Really planning and thinking through your summertime curriculum is the key to success. If you take the time to get to know your students and make it enjoyable, your classes can be a reward for all involved.