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Keeping Summer Productivity High in The Office

July 31, 2018

The Summer can bring lots of fun and bright weather, but it can also pose as a huge distraction for your workers. No one wants to be trapped indoors while the sun is bright and the weather’s hot. If you are running into productivity issues in the office this time of year, follow these tips to keep your workers on track:

1) Incentivise

Incentives are the key to office productivity. If your workers meet a certain goal, consider incentivizing with a half day or even a whole day off. This will motivate your workers to focus on a goal and will allow them to soak up the good weather and enjoy time with their families as well.

2) Keep it Cool

Do not be afraid to blast the AC in the Summer, regardless of the electric bill. When people are hot, they naturally get lazy and lethargic, so a nice chilly atmosphere to work in will keep everyone’s heads clear and focused. The slightly higher AC bill will pay for itself in regards to worker productivity.

3) Bring in Treats

Your office culture should (hopefully) be one that your employees enjoy being a part of. If work is something they absolutely dread, then morale will be even lower and hard to salvage in the summertime. Show your workers that you care by bringing in a sweet treat; donuts, ice cream, whatever, as a fun surprise to brighten up everyone’s day! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, another special occasion, or just a random day, this fun surprise will make your workers happy and make everyone’s day move just a little quicker.

Although no one wants to be stuck inside working during the summer months, work ethic does not have to fall by the wayside. Focus your efforts on keeping your employees happy and comfortable. They will appreciate it more than you know and the quality of their work will speak for itself!

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